Injection stories 2018

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This year,has been among the best in recent times for short story collections, especially by women writers and writers of color for example: these five debut collections from Short Stories: American writers of South Asian origin. Subjective and incomplete as lists like this one may be, they do show that there's a widely growing range of short story types and genres being published and that collections are getting a lot more respect and attention than ever before. Long may that continue. This was one of the earliest debut collections of the year that grabbed attention and won much praise.

Here is PopMatters review and a thoughtful interview with Sachdeva. From the review:. This is Ausubel's second short story collection. She debuted with the well-acclaimed A Guide to Being Born.

That was followed by two novels and then we get this lovely gift.

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Ausubel's stories are set as widely in geographical terms as Sachdeva's stories, above. Some even go into mythological and ghostly realms with fantastical characters like Cyclops, mummies, and mermaids. But the themes remain universal: identity, parenthood, loss, love, desire, and more. Ausubel pays as much attention to her storytelling as to her stories so this is a treat to read and, if it's your first introduction to her work, it will make you want to go back and read her previous three books, too.

Thompson-Spires' collection is one of several this year to explore black identity and all that it means in our conflicted times. Whether she's writing with dark humor or with colloquial banter, she brings her characters to life in ways that make us want to know them more. Middle-class lives, gun violence, suicide, motherhood, social media — all the events that preoccupy us in our daily lives and on social and news media are presented here.

injection stories 2018

As with all debut collections, this is not a perfect, flawless book. But there is so much promise here that we can only look forward to whatever she writes next. Fifteen writers of East and South Asian origin come together with re-imagined folklore and mythological tales.

The editors are the founders of the WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign. There's a wide range of genres included here: fantasy, speculative fiction, science fiction, romance, crime thriller, and more. Each story ends with notes from the author about why they picked that particular story to retell and why they made certain revisions or authorial choices.

Though this is targeted to the teen demographic, it will appeal to anyone who enjoys folklore, mythology, magic, and sheer inventiveness in storytelling.

12 Embarrassing Medical Moments

This collection was a finalist for the National Book Award and made several "best of" lists this year too. Rightly so. Though these stories span a wide range of settings, towns, and time periods, Florida is the center that unites them all. Groff has a way of getting to the darkness and the light within her characters with such precision that readers can't help but be driven to examine their own fears and joys and loves and losses too.

Her Floridian landscapes — both the inner and the outer — eschew the usual stereotypes of sultry weather, lush nature, Southern charm, etc.

13 Worst Botched Executions Of All Time

Also, the stories are somewhat reminiscent of Joyce Carol Oates' mid-career stories because of a similar crackling, Gothic energy.Sarat reports that over those years, 8, people were executed and of those executions 3.

Lethal injection had the highest rate of botched executions. In his book, he defines a botched execution as follows:. Press A report in the Salt Lake City Tribune takes a different view of the suggestion that there have been no botched executions by firing squad since The paper reports that in Septembera Utah firing squad shot Eliseo J.

See Botched Executions in American History. NOTE: The cases below are not presented as a comprehensive catalogue of all botched executions, but simply a listing of examples that are well-known.

injection stories 2018

There are 51 executions or attempted executions listed: 2 by asphyxiation, 10 by electrocution, and 39 by lethal injection, including 3 failed executions that were halted when execution personnel were unable to set an IV line.

August 10, Frank J. Although no media representatives witnessed the execution and no details were ever released by the Virginia Department of Corrections, an attorney who was present later stated that it took two second jolts of electricity to kill Coppola. Smoke filled the death chamber from floor to ceiling with a smoky haze.

April 22, John Evans. The electrode burst from the strap holding it in place and caught on fire. Two physicians entered the chamber and found a heartbeat. The electrode was reattached to his leg, and another jolt of electricity was applied. This resulted in more smoke and burning flesh. Again the doctors found a heartbeat. Jimmy Lee Gray. His attorney, Dennis Balske of Montgomery, Alabama, criticized state officials for clearing the room when the inmate was still alive.

December 12, Alpha Otis Stephens. During that six-minute interval, Stephens took 23 breaths. March 13, During the year span from tonearly 9, people were legally executed in America. This compares to 5.

By comparison, death by firing squad—once considered the most brutal and ineffective method of all—resulted in zero botched executions in the 34 times it was performed from to These 13 cases involve some of the most gruesome examples of public execution gone wrong in world history.

When he was placed into the electric chair in May ofconvicted murderer and rapist Jesse Joseph Tafero required three jolts of power before it killed him.

Inmates at the prison claimed they could smell his burning flesh for days after he was killed. Although she was guilty of nothing, she was arrested for treason placed in the Tower of London for over two years before finally facing a public execution—at the hands of an axe-wielding man with extremely bad aim. In front of about onlookers, the executioner hacked at her a total of 11 times before finally decapitating her.

Lady Margaret undoubtedly experienced tremendous agony before finally being killed. The family refused to pay the ransom, and the gang stabbed the boy repeatedly.

However, this is not what killed him, as coroners later determined he died from suffocation after being buried alive. After being tied to a cross and riddled with ten bullets, examiners saw no vital signs in the woman. Her body was moved into a morgue, but once placed upon the morgue table, she began to sit up. It took another 15 bullets to finally kill her. After an extended crime spree of 30 armed robberies, nine kidnappings, and finally the murder of a pawn shop owner, John Evans was arrested in Alabama and sentenced to death.

He told officials that if released, he would kill again. In AprilAlabama officials strapped him into an electric chair and delivered a fatal jolt…or what they thought was a fatal jolt. But examiners found that his heart was still beating. It took two more jolts and a total of 14 minutes before Evans was finally dead. Sentenced to die in a Mississippi gas chamber, it took nearly eight minutes to kill Gray—during which witnesses had to be cleared from the room after he began moaning and smashing his head against a steel pole inside the gas chamber.

Some have speculated that due to the nature of his crimes, his execution was deliberately botched. After Gray was dead, it was revealed that his executioner had been drunk. Sentenced to die by lethal injection for the fatal shooting of a Texas restaurant owner, Raymond Landry was led into a room and injected with fatal chemicals on December 13, Witnesses heard him groan at least once during the ordeal.

A second injection was attempted and finally proved successful. But from start to finish, it took an estimated 40 minutes to kill Landry. Sentenced to the gas chamber in Arizona inDonald Lee Harding endured an agonizing 10 minutes while violently struggling against his restraining straps before he finally succumbed.

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At safe injection sites like Insite, in Vancouver, Canada, drug users can inject drugs under the watch of trained medical staff who will help in case of overdose. In parts of the country hit hard by addiction, some public health officials are considering running sites where people can use heroin and other illegal drugs under medical supervision. Advocates say these facilities, known as supervised injection sites, save lives that would otherwise be lost to overdoses and provide a bridge to treatment.

There are at least 13 efforts underway in U. And the forms vary. Seattle is planning a safe injection van; Philadelphia is considering portable structures; some elected officials in places like Denver, VermontDelaware and San Franciscoare trying to gather support for proposals. Harm reduction advocates hope supervised injection sites can follow the path of needle exchange programs which have gained wider acceptance over the years, thanks to their role in containing the spread of HIV and AIDS.

There are now needle exchange programs in 39 states. But many safe injection site proposals seem to be waylaid in community debate and legal uncertainty.

injection stories 2018

When officials with the Justice Department are asked where Sessions stands on the issue, they offer a statement issued late last year by a U. Burris says there could be a public backlash to Justice Department lawyers asking a judge to sign warrants for the arrest of social workers and nurses working to save lives in the facilities, but the fear of a hardline response is still giving local officials pause.

In Philadelphia, where overdoses kill four times as many people as murder, it has been six months since top city officialsincluding the mayor and the city's district attorney, announced they were advancing the idea of a supervised injection site. Now, city officials say they are still searching for private funders and launching new outreach efforts in many neighborhoods to help make the controversial concept more palatable.

Eva Gladstein, deputy managing director of the city's Health and Human Services, says it's time to act. In a survey Gladstein's department conducted in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood, seen as ground-zero of the city's opioid crisis, more than two-thirds of drug users said they would go to a supervised injection site. Philadelphia-based federal prosecutor Louis Lappen is more skeptical. So, it's not something we can just say, 'Wow, that's a really great idea.

It is not just prosecutors who are unsettled by the concept. Massachusetts state Sen. Will Brownsberger sponsored a bill to jump-start a safe injection site there, but some Boston elected officials and residents remained leery that a supervised injection site would enable and even exacerbate drug use.

But we don't have that right now," says Brownsberger. While the issue has recently heated up in the U. It navigated its own legal challenges. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in that the facility should be granted an exemption from federal law since, the court wrote, saving lives outweighs any benefit of prohibiting the use of illegal drugs at the site. In the U. Still, legal scholars are already gearing up for future legal fights by considering federal drug law loopholes or novel arguments that could persuade a judge to rule in favor of harm reduction.

The plan still needs the blessing of the state Department of Health. Some drug users say they would embrace such a facility. Take Jeff, who says he has been struggling with addiction for more than 25 years.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection ( Hymovis ) for Osteoarthritis of the Knee (2018)

It really isn't," Jeff says. NPR agreed to use just his first name since he uses illegal drugs. Jeff says using on the streets is risky — especially when using alone.