To quantify socioeconomic status and ethnic differences in risk for coronary heart disease CHD accrued from major risk factors, in the United States US. The incidence of cardiovascular disease in the United States US and other high-income countries is higher in low socio-economic status SES and minority ethnic groups 12345with SES disparities reflecting not just a threshold effect of poverty versus non-poverty, but rather a risk gradient across the SES range 26.

Reduction of these disparities has been a focus of interest for policy makers 78and requires the early detection and management of risk factors in underprivileged groups. Indeed, low SES and minority ethnic groups do report higher values of risk factors for cardiovascular disease 19 Some studies, however, suggest that SES gradients in cardiovascular risk factors may be diminished in minority groups 11121314possibly because of racial discrimination and residential segregation 151617and greater psychological distress 18 at all SES levels.

Current clinical guidelines assess global risk for coronary heart disease CHD events using the Framingham risk score, the metabolic syndrome, and history of CHD and CHD risk-equivalent conditions such as diabetes mellitus that confer equivalent risk 2223 In particular, our objectives were to answer the following questions:. For the CHD risk analyses, we additionally excluded 1, individuals whose global CHD risk could not be classified; the resulting sample size was 12, Demographic, biological, and health data were collected at a home interview, followed by an examination and blood draw, either at home or a mobile examination center.

Educational attainment was classified as less than high school, complete high school, or more than high school education. Poverty Income Ratio PIRthe ratio of household income to the poverty level specific to area of residence and household size 28was recorded.


We distinguished between US-born and Foreign-born Mexican Americans because health risks in the 2 groups appear to be quite different, even at comparable SES 2930 Prescription medication information was verified from medication bottle review. Blood pressure and waist circumference were measured at the examination. Blood samples were assayed for serum levels of C-reactive protein CRPtotal cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, fasting low density lipoprotein LDL cholesterol, fasting glucose, and fasting triglycerides.

The last three assays were obtained only for those participants who had fasted at least 6 hours. Individuals with prevalent CHD based on self report of CHD, angina, or myocardial infarction or CHD-risk equivalent condition diabetes mellitus or self reported stroke were classified as high risk.

Those with prevalent CHD and one or more of diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome assessment described belowand current smoking, were classified as very high risk the highest category of risk in the NCEP Updated Guidelines.

Ten-year global risk for CHD in individuals without prevalent CHD or CHD-risk-equivalent condition was estimated from the Framingham risk score, a gender-specific measure based on age, current smoking, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and anti-hypertensive medication use. We scored those 80 years and older like year olds the oldest group in the scoring system. For the purposes of this risk categorization, individuals with missing data on metabolic syndrome, diabetes, or CRP were assumed to not meet that risk criterion.

Misclassification resulting from this imputation is limited to at most one category e. Because of the high concordance between high fasting triglycerides and high waist circumference, we imputed one condition from the other i. All analyses of ethnic and SES differences in risk were age-standardized; i.

Cumulative logistic regression for ordinal outcomes such as the ordered CHD risk and metabolic risk categories models the log of the cumulative odds at every outcome level which are the odds of being in that or a higher outcome level versus all lower levels as a common, single linear function of predictors plus level-specific intercepts. The cumulative OR for a predictor is the average effect of the predictor on cumulative odds at all outcome levels. In addition, we also estimated the ordinary odds ratio OR for the highest risk categories very high risk for the 6-level global CHD risk outcome and diabetes mellitus for the 3-level metabolic risk outcome versus all other risk categories, using ordinary binary logistic regression.

Analyses were stratified by gender because CHD and metabolic risk categorizations were somewhat different in men and women different thresholds for HDL, waist circumference, and different scoring systems for year CHD riskand because SES is felt to confer different benefits in men and women 3 To assess the role of lifestyle and central obesity in risk disparities, we added current smoking, physical activity any moderate or vigorous activity vs.

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Hepatocellular Carcinoma --- United States, 2001--2006

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Socio-economic and Ethnic Disparities in Cardiovascular Risk In the United States, 2001-2006

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Technical Details

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Type Accommodation and the title of the report in the subject line of e-mail. Liver cancer, primarily hepatocellular carcinoma HCCis the third leading cause of death from cancer worldwide and the ninth leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States 1,2. This report summarizes the results of that analysis, which determined that the average annual incidence rate of HCC for was 3. Among states, HCC incidence rates varied widely, ranging from 1.

Development of viral hepatitis services, including screening with care referral for persons chronically infected with HBV or HCV, full implementation of vaccine-based strategies to eliminate hepatitis B, and improved public health surveillance are needed to help reverse the trend in HCC.

Incidence rates perpersons were age adjusted to the U. APCs were calculated using least squares regression. Data were analyzed by state, sex, race, ethnicity, and age group. Persons categorized as either non-Hispanic or Hispanic might be of any race. Duringa total of 48, HCC cases were reported, with an average annual incidence rate of 3.

Overall, the HCC rate increased from 2. The median age for diagnosis of HCC was 64 years overall, 62 years for males, and 69 years for females. The highest incidence rate was among persons aged years The incidence rate for males 5. The HCC rate for males increased from 4. Duringthe APC for males 3. The incidence rate for Hispanics 5. Among states, HCC incidence rates ranged from 1. Eleven states had significant increases in incidence rates, with the highest APCs reported for Oklahoma This report provides the most recent population-based estimates of HCC incidence rates and trends in the United States and the first state-specific HCC trends.

The findings indicate continued increases in HCC incidence, consistent with earlier reports using different methodology 2,4. Both infections cause chronic inflammation that can progress to fibrosis, cirrhosis, and eventually malignancy 3.

HBV infection also can be directly oncogenic 3. In addition, alcohol consumption, steatohepatitis, and type II diabetes have been linked to HCC 2 ; these risk factors for HCC amplify the effects of viral hepatitis but also might cause HCC in the absence of viral hepatitis 2. The age and race profile of persons with HCC reflects the demographic characteristics of persons with chronic viral hepatitis. The largest increases occurred among whites, blacks, persons aged years, and males.

Rates were highest among persons born during who are now aged yearsparticularly black males 3,4. In the absence of testing and care, the risk for HCC is expected to increase with aging of the cohort of persons with HCV infection 5.


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